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Latest Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-075 Practice Questions and Answers


What happens if location-based CAC is used and there is no bandwidth available when a remote caller is placed on
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager sends TOH rather than MOH.
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager terminates the call.
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager plays default MOH.
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager attempts to reconnect the call immediately.
Correct Answer: A

Which statement best describes globalized call routing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
A. All incoming calling numbers on the phones are displayed as an E.164 with the + prefix.
B. Call routing is based on numbers represented as an E.164 with the + prefix format.
C. All called numbers sent out to the PSTN are in E.164 with the + prefix format.
D. The CSS of all phones contain partitions assigned to route patterns that are in global format.
E. All phone directory numbers are configured as an E.164 with the + prefix.
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Incorrect answer: ACDE For the destination to be represented in a global form common to all cases, we
must adopt a global form of the destination number from which all local forms can be derived. The + sign is the
mechanism used by the ITU\\’s E.164 recommendation to represent any PSTN number in a global, unique way. This
form is sometimes referred to as a fully qualified PSTN number. Link:

On which Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration parameter does the CODEC that a Cisco IP Phone
uses for a call depend?
A. enterprise parameters
B. media resources
C. physical location
D. region
E. location
Correct Answer: D

What are two important considerations when implementing TEHO to reduce long-distance cost? (Choose two.)
A. on-net calling patterns
B. E911 calling
C. number of route patterns
D. caller ID
Correct Answer: BD

An engineer is setting up a Cisco VCS Cluster with SIP endpoints only. While configuring the Cisco VCS peers, which
signaling protocol is used between peers to determine the best route for calls?
B. H.323
Correct Answer: B
Reference: 7/Cisco-VCS-Cluster-Creation-and-Maintenance-Deployment-Guide-X8-7.pdf (page 4, basic configuration is done, third point)

You want to avoid unnecessary interworking in Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server, such as where a call
between two H.323 endpoints is made over SIP, or vice versa. Which setting is recommended?
A. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. Reject
B. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. On
C. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. Registered only
D. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. Off
E. H.323 – SIP interworking mode. Variable
Correct Answer: C

Which statement about Enhanced Locationbased CAC on a Cisco Unified Communications Managerbased voice
A. E-LCAC can adjust its knowledge of effective paths due to link failures and reconfigurations.
B. Every cluster that participates in LBM requires the location be locally configured for location to device association
C. Each cluster requires a complete view of the modeled topology.
D. Each cluster should be configured with the immediate neighboring locations such that the topology of each cluster
Correct Answer: C

Company X has a primary and a backup Cisco Unified Communications Manager instance. The administrator had to do
maintenance on the primary node and did a shutdown, which resulted in a failover to the backup node. What happens
when the primary node comes back online?
A. The primary node becomes the backup node.
B. Endpoints detect that the primary is back and reregisters automatically.
C. The backup node must be shut down first to allow the endpoints to realize that the primary node is online again.
D. Nothing, the endpoints only failover when the node they lose connection to their registered node.
Correct Answer: B

What impact do roaming-sensitive settings and Device Mobility settings have on call routing?
A. Device Mobility settings have no impact on call routing, but roaming-sensitive settings modify the AAR group, AAR
CSS, and device CSS.
B. Device Mobility settings modify the device CSS and the roaming-sensitive settings modify the AAR group and AAR
C. Device Mobility settings modify the AAR group and the AAR CSS, the roaming-sensitive settings modify the device
D. Roaming-sensitive settings are settings that do not have an impact on call routing. Device Mobility settings, on the
other hand, may have an impact on call routing because they modify the device CSS, AAR group, and AAR CSS.
Correct Answer: D

When an H.323 trunk is added for Call Control Discovery, which statement is true?
A. The H.323 trunk is added by selecting Inter-Cluster Trunk (Non-Gatekeeper Controlled) and Device Protocol Inter-
Cluster Trunk. The Enable SAF check box should be selected in the trunk configuration.
B. The H.323 trunk is added by selecting Inter-Cluster Trunk (Non-Gatekeeper Controlled) and Device Protocol Inter-
Cluster Trunk. The Trunk Service Type should be Call Control Discovery.
C. The H.323 trunk is added by selecting Call Control Discovery Trunk and then selecting
D. 323 as the protocol to be used.
E. The H.323 trunk is added by selecting H.323 Trunk, and selecting Inter-Cluster Trunk as the Device Protocol. The
destination IP address field is configured as `SAF\\’ to indicate that this trunk is used for SAF.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 300-075 exam question q11

The remote site needs to run multicast MOH from flash. Which statement about the MOH server configuration in Cisco
Unified Communications Manager is true?
A. The MOH server must be enabled for G.729 in the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application service parameters.
B. Multicast MOH can use only G.711. So you must configure the command codec G711ulaw under the call-manager-
fallback configuration at the remote site router.
C. The MOH for the remote site is a standalone configuration. No extra configuration is required on the Cisco Unified
Communications Manager MOH server.
D. Configure a separate region for the MOH server. The codec between the MOH region and all other regions should be
specified as G.711. Apply the MOH region through a device pool at the MOH server configuration page.
E. Configure the location setting for the MOH server to 80 Kbps. This configuration forces the MOH server to use G.711
for the remote site.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
The HQ site uses area code 650. The BR1 site uses area code 408. The long distance national code for PSTN dialing is
1. To make a long distance national call, an HQ or BR1 user dials access code 9, followed by 1, and then the 10-digit
number. Both sites use MGCP gateways. AAR must use globalized call routing using a single route pattern. Assume
that all outgoing PSTN numbers are localized at the egress gateway as shown in the exhibit. Which statement is true?lead4pass 300-075 exam question q12

A. The AAR group system must be configured on the device configuration of the phones.
B. The AAR group system must be configured on the line configuration of the phones.
C. The single AAR group system cannot be used. A second AAR group must be configured in order to have source and
destination AAR groups.
D. The AAR group system must be configured under the AAR service parameters.
Correct Answer: B

The network administrator of Enterprise X receives reports that at peak hours, some calls between remote offices are
not passing through. Investigation shows no connectivity problems. The network administrator wants to estimate the
volume of calls being affected by this issue.
Which two RTMT counters can give more information on this? (Choose two.)
A. CallsRingNoAnswer
B. OutOfResources
C. LocationOutOfResources
D. RequestsThrottled
E. CallsAttempted
Correct Answer: BC

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