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sy0-601 dumps 2022

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Which of the following scenarios BEST describes a risk reduction technique?

A. A security control objective cannot be met through a technical change, so the company purchases insurance and is
no longer concerned about losses from data breaches.

B. A security control objective cannot be met through a technical change, so the company implements a policy to train
users on a more secure method of operation.

C. A security control objective cannot be met through a technical change, so the company changes as method of

D. A security control objective cannot be met through a technical change, so the Chief Information Officer (CIO) decides to sign off on the risk.



Joe, an employee, is transferring departments and is providing copies of his files to a network share folder for his
previous team to access. Joe is granting read-write-execute permissions to his manager but giving read-only access to
the rest of the team. Which of the following access controls is Joe using?




A financial organization has adopted a new secure, encrypted document-sharing application to help with its customer
loan process. Some important PII needs to be shared across this new platform, but it is getting blocked by the DLP
systems. Which of the following actions will BEST allow the PII to be shared with the secure application without
compromising the organization\\’s security posture?

A. Configure the DLP policies to allow all PII
B. Configure the firewall to allow all ports that are used by this application
C. Configure the antivirus software to allow the application
D. Configure the DLP policies to whitelist this application with the specific PII
E. Configure the application to encrypt the PII



A network administrator is setting up wireless access points in all the conference rooms and wants to authenticate
device using PKI. Which of the following should the administrator configure?

A. A captive portal
C. 802.1X



A cloud administrator is configuring five compute instances under the same subnet in a VPC Three instances are
required to communicate with one another, and the other two must he logically isolated from all other instances in the
VPC. Which of the following must the administrator configure to meet this requirement?

A. One security group
B. Two security groups
C. Three security groups
D. Five security groups



Which of the following would a European company interested in implementing a technical, hands-on set of security
standards MOST likely choose?

B. CIS controls
C. ISO 27001
D. ISO 37000



Several employees return to work the day after attending an industry trade show. That same day, the security manager
notices several malware alerts coming from each of the employee\\’s workstations. The security manager investigates
but finds no signs of an attack on the perimeter firewall or the NIDS. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the
malware alerts?

A. A worm that has propagated itself across the intranet, which was initiated by presentation media
B. A fileless virus that is contained on a vCard that is attempting to execute an attack
C. A Trojan that has passed through and executed malicious code on the hosts
D. A USB flash drive that is trying to run malicious code but is being blocked by the host firewall



A security manager for a retailer needs to reduce the scope of a project to comply with PCI DSS. The PCI data is
located in different offices than where credit cards are accepted. All the offices are connected via MPLS back to the
primary datacenter. Which of the following should the security manager implement to achieve the objective?

A. Segmentation
B. Containment
C. Geofencing
D. Isolation



A technician needs to prevent data loss in a laboratory. The laboratory is not connected to any external networks. Which of the following methods would BEST prevent the exfiltration of data? (Select TWO).

B. Drive encryption
C. Network firewall
D. File level encryption
E. USB blocker



An organization relies on third-party video conferencing to conduct daily business. Recent security changes now require all remote workers to utilize a VPN to corporate resources. Which of the following would BEST maintain high-quality video conferencing while minimizing latency when connected to the VPN?

A. Using geographic diversity to have VPN terminators closer to end users
B. Utilizing split tunneling so only traffic for corporate resources is encrypted
C. Purchasing higher-bandwidth connections to meet the increased demand
D. Configuring QoS properly on the VPN accelerators



A user is concerned that a web application will not be able to handle unexpected or random input without crashing.
Which of the following BEST describes the type of testing the user should perform?

A. Code signing
B. Fuzzing
C. Manual code review
D. Dynamic code analysis



While investigating a data leakage incident, a security analyst reviews access control to cloud-hosted data. The
following information was presented in a security posture report.

sy0-601 q12

Based on the report, which of the following was the MOST likely attack vector used against the company?

A. Spyware
B. Logic bomb
C. Potentially unwanted programs
D. Supply chain

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