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Q1: What is the 350-401 ENCOR certification exam?

The 350-401 ENCOR (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies) certification exam is a test offered by Cisco that validates a candidate’s knowledge and skills in implementing and operating core enterprise network technologies. The exam is one of the requirements for obtaining the CCNP Enterprise certification, which is a professional-level certification designed for network engineers, network administrators, and other IT professionals who work with enterprise networking technologies.

The 350-401 ENCOR exam covers a range of topics, including network infrastructure, security, automation, virtualization, and network assurance. Specifically, the exam tests the candidate’s knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Virtualization
  • Infrastructure
  • Network assurance
  • Security
  • Automation

The exam consists of 90-110 questions and lasts for 120 minutes. To pass the exam, candidates must score a minimum of 825 out of 1000 points. Passing the 350-401 ENCOR exam, along with passing one of the concentration exams, is required to earn the CCNP Enterprise certification.

Q2: What are the 350-401 ENCOR certification examination methods?

The 350-401 ENCOR (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies) certification exam can be taken using two methods:

1. Online Proctored Exam: This is an online version of the exam that can be taken from any location with a reliable internet connection. The exam is proctored remotely, which means that candidates must follow strict exam rules and regulations to ensure a secure and fair testing environment. The online proctored exam can be scheduled through Pearson VUE, the official testing provider for Cisco certifications.

2. In-Person Exam: This is a traditional exam that can be taken at a Pearson VUE testing center. Candidates must travel to the testing center to take the exam, which is proctored on-site. The in-person exam is generally available in areas where the online proctored exam is not possible.

Both exam methods cover the same content and have the same number of questions, format, and time limit. However, the online proctored exam may have some additional technical requirements, such as a webcam, microphone, and a quiet testing environment. It’s important to note that both exam methods require candidates to register and pay for the exam in advance through the Pearson VUE website.

Q3: How to pass the 350-401 ENCOR certification exam?

Passing the 350-401 ENCOR (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies) certification exam requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and test-taking strategies. Here are some tips to help you prepare and pass the exam:

1. Understand the exam objectives: Review the exam objectives and the topics that will be covered in the exam. You can find the exam objectives on the Cisco website or through the exam study materials.

2. Use official study materials: Cisco offers a range of study materials, including books, video courses, and practice exams. These materials are designed to help you prepare for the exam and provide an in-depth understanding of the exam topics.

3. Practice, practice, practice: Practice is key to passing the exam. Use the official practice exams and other resources ( to test your knowledge and identify areas that require more study.

4. Build a lab: Build a lab environment using Cisco networking equipment or software simulations to gain practical experience in configuring and troubleshooting the technologies covered in the exam.

5. Join a study group: Join a study group or online forum to connect with other candidates, ask questions, and share study resources.

6. Manage your time: The exam is timed, so it’s important to manage your time during the exam. Pace yourself and don’t spend too much time on any one question.

7. Read the questions carefully: Read each question carefully and make sure you understand what is being asked. Look for keywords that can help you identify the correct answer.

8. Eliminate wrong answers: If you’re unsure of the answer, eliminate the wrong answers to narrow down the choices and improve your chances of selecting the correct answer.

9. Review your answers: Once you’ve completed the exam, review your answers and make sure you’ve answered all the questions.

By following these tips and investing time and effort into your study, you can increase your chances of passing the 350-401 ENCOR exam and earning your CCNP Enterprise certification.

Q4: Is the 350-401 ENCOR certification exam worth it?

The 350-401 ENCOR (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies) certification exam is definitely worth it for network engineers and other IT professionals who work with enterprise network technologies. Here are some reasons why:

1. Industry recognition: The CCNP Enterprise certification, which is obtained by passing the 350-401 ENCOR exam, is recognized worldwide as a valuable credential for network engineers and other IT professionals.

2. Career advancement: Earning the CCNP Enterprise certification can help you advance your career by demonstrating your knowledge and skills in enterprise network technologies. It can also make you a more competitive candidate for job opportunities and promotions.

3. Skill development: Preparing for and passing the 350-401 ENCOR exam requires a deep understanding of enterprise network technologies, which can help you develop your skills and become a more effective network engineer or IT professional.

4. Networking opportunities: Joining a study group or online forum to prepare for the exam can help you connect with other IT professionals and build your professional network.

5. Cisco partnership benefits: If your organization is a Cisco partner, having CCNP Enterprise-certified professionals on staff can help you achieve partner status and access partner benefits.

Overall, the 350-401 ENCOR certification exam is definitely worth it for IT professionals who work with enterprise network technologies. It can help you advance your career, develop your skills, and gain industry recognition for your expertise.

Real Valid 350-401 ENCOR certification exam questions and answers for free from Lead4Pass:

TypeNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Free15Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) & CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure & CCIE Enterprise Wireless350-401
Question 1:

Which First Hop Redundancy Protocol maximizes uplink utilization and minimizes the amount of configuration that is necessary?


B. HSRP v2


D. HSRP v1

Correct Answer: A

only GLBP can maximize utilization of links by being ACTIVE/ACTIVE while all others are ACTIVE/STANDBY/LISTENING

NOTE!!!! there is NO MHSRP only HSRP v1 and 2.

Question 2:

Refer to the exhibit.

New 350-401 questions 2

Which IPv6 OSPF network type is applied to interface Fa0/0 of R2 by default?

A. multipoint

B. broadcast C. Ethernet

D. point-to-point

Correct Answer: B

The Broadcast network type is the default for an OSPF-enabled ethernet interface (while Point-to-Point is the default OSPF network type for a Serial interface with HDLC and PPP encapsulation). Reference: https://

Question 3:

Which three resources must the hypervisor make available to the virtual machines? (Choose three)

A. memory

B. bandwidth

C. IP address

D. processor

E. storage

F. secure access

Correct Answer: ADE

Question 4:

What are some of the key differences between HSRPv1 and HSRPv2? (Choose two.)

A. HSRPv1 uses the multicast address of while HSRPv2 uses

B. HSRP uses a group range of 0-255, while HSRP uses a group range of 0-4095.

C. HSRPv1 uses seconds-based timers, while HSRPv2 uses milliseconds-based timers.

D. HSRPv1 provides support for IPv6, while HSRPv2 supports IPv4 only.

Correct Answer: BC

should be HSRPv1, HSRPv2

Question 5:

Which component does Cisco Threat Defense use to measure bandwidth, application performance, and utilization?

A. NetFlow

B. Cisco Umbrella

C. TrustSec

D. Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints

Correct Answer: A

NetFlow was initially created to measure network traffic characteristics such as bandwidth, application performance, and utilization.


Question 6:

What is the difference in dBm when an AP power increases from 25 mW to 100 mW?

A. 75dBm

B. 150dBm

C. 6dBm

D. 125dBm

Correct Answer: C

Question 7:

Two Cisco switches are logically configured as a single switch using Cisco StackWise technology. This will result in virtually combining which two planes? (Choose two.)

A. Data Plane

B. Control Plane

C. Forwarding Plane

D. Management Plane

E. Bearer Plane

Correct Answer: BD

StackWise Virtual (SV) combines two switches into a single logical network entity from the network control plane and management perspectives. reference:

Question 8:

Which LISP infrastructure device provides connectivity between non-sites and LISP sites by receiving non-LISP traffic with a LISP site destination?



C. map resolver

D. map server

Correct Answer: B

Proxy ingress tunnel router (PITR): answer \’PETR\’ PITR is an infrastructure LISP network entity that receives packets from non-LISP sites and encapsulates the packets to LISP sites or natively forwards them to non-LISP sites.


Question 9:

How is Layer 3 roaming accomplished in a unified wireless deployment?

A. An EoIP tunnel is created between the client and the anchor controller to provide seamless connectivity as the client is associated with the new AP.

B. The client entry on the original controller is passed to the database on the new controller.

C. The new controller assigns an IP address from the new subnet to the client

D. The client database on the original controller is updated with the anchor entry, and the new controller database is updated with the foreign entry.

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

A customer has recently implemented a new wireless infrastructure using WLC-5520S at a site directly next to a large commercial airport Users report that they intermittently lose Wi-Fi connectivity, and troubleshooting reveals it is due to frequent channel changes Which two actions fix this issue? (Choose two)

A. Remove UNII-2 and Extended UNII-2 channels from the 5 Ghz channel list

B. Restore the OCA default settings because this automatically avoids channel interference

C. Disable DFS channels to prevent interference writ) Doppler radar

D. Enable DFS channels because they are immune to radar interference

E. Configure channels on the UNII-2 and the Extended UNII-2 sub-bands of the 5 Ghz band only

Correct Answer: AC

Question 11:

What does Call Admission Control require the client to send in order to reserve the bandwidth?

A. SIP flow information

B. Wi-Fi multimedia

C. traffic specification

D. VoIP media session awareness

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

What Is the difference between the MAC address table and TCAM?

A. The MAC address table supports partial matches. TCAM requires an exact match.

B. The MAC address table is contained in TCAM ACL and QoS information is stored in CAM.

C. Router prefix lookups happen in TCAM. MAC address table lookups happen In CAM.

D. TCAM is used to make L2 forwarding decisions. CAM is used to build routing tables

Correct Answer: C

“TCAM is most useful for building tables for searching on longest matches such as IP routing tables organized by IP prefixes. The TCAM table stores ACL, QoS, and other information generally associated with upper-layer processing. As a result of using TCAM, applying ACLs does not affect the performance of the switch.”

Question 13:

Refer to the exhibit.

new 350-401 questions 13

What does the snippet of code achieve?

A. It creates a temporary connection to a Cisco Nexus device and retrieves a token to be used for API calls.

B. It opens a tunnel and encapsulates the login information if the host key is correct.

C. It opens a client connection to a Cisco Nexus device and maintains it for the duration of the context.

D. It creates an SSH connection using the SSH key that is stored, and the password is ignored.

Correct Answer: C

the client is a Python library that facilitates client-side scripting and application development around the NETCONF protocol. The above Python snippet uses the client to connect and establish a NETCONF session to a Nexus device (which is also a NETCONF server).

Question 14:

A customer has 20 stores located throughout the city. Each store has a single Cisco AP managed by a central WLC. The customer wants to gather analytics for users in each store. Which technique supports these requirements?

A. angle of arrival

B. presence

C. hyper location

D. trilateration

Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

Which feature does Cisco TrustSec use to provide scalable, secure communication throughout a network?

A. security group tag ACL assigned to each port on a switch

B. security group tag number assigned to each port on a network

C. security group tag number assigned to each user on a switch

D. security group tag ACL assigned to each router on a network

Correct Answer: C

Cisco TrustSec uses tags to represent logical group privilege. This tag, called a Security Group Tag (SGT), is used in access policies. The SGT is understood and is used to enforce traffic by Cisco switches, routers, and firewalls. Cisco TrustSec is defined in three phases: classification, propagation, and enforcement. When users and devices connect to a network, the network assigns a specific security group. This process is called classification. Classification can be based on the results of the authentication or by associating the SGT with an IP, VLAN, or port profile (-> Answer \’security group tag ACL assigned to each port on a switch\’ and answer \’security group tag number assigned to each user on a switch\’ are not correct as they say “assigned … on a switch” only. Answer \’security group tag ACL assigned to each router on a network\’ is not correct either as it says “assigned to each router”).


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