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Select two correct statements for the management segment qualifier in Oracle General Ledger.
(Choose two.)
A. The management segment can be a balancing segment.
B. The management segment can be a natural account segment.
C. The management segment cannot be an intercompany segment.
D. This segment qualifier is used for management reporting and analysis.
E. Data access sets cannot limit access to specific management segment values.
Correct Answer: CD

Your client occasionally charges sales tax erroneously to some customers. The client\\’s current process involves
manually issuing a credit memo to correct the customer\\’s account. Customers routinely deduct the sales tax from the
invoice before paying. Identify two steps that can help simplify the clients current process. (Choose two.)
A. Set up AutoAccounting.
B. Set up adjustment approval limits.
C. Set up transaction type for tax adjustment.
D. Select the TAX: Allow Override of Tax Code profile option.
E. Define receivables activity of adjustment with tax accounting distribution.
F. Define receivables activity of miscellaneous cash with tax accounting distribution.
Correct Answer: BE

Which two parameters facilitate cross organization reports in a Multi-Org environment? (Choose two.)
A. Ledger
B. Legal Entity
C. Operating Unit
D. Reporting Level
E. Reporting Context
Correct Answer: DE

The commerce step “Pending” has four participant profiles in the following order: SalesRep, SalesManager, Owner, and
The Admin profile allows access with the FullAccess user type.
The Owner profile has at performer steps “start” step selected.
The step has an auto-forwarding rule.
A FullAccess user with the SalesGroupA and SalesManagerA groups creates a new quote and saves it, which moves
the quote to “Pending”.
The auto-forwarding rule returned the following two lines: SalesManagerA~Company~SalesManager
Which profile will be used to display the quote in the “Pending” step to this user?
A. SalesManager profile
B. SalesRep profile
C. Admin profile
D. Owner profile
Correct Answer: B

XYZ Enterprises, a US-based export firm, has two offices in the US (East) and the US (West). They use their primary
ledger for their US operations, and an additional ledger for management analysis and reporting. They use five segments
their accounting flexfield:
company, department, account, product, and future. Select the minimum number of required flexfield qualifiers that they
would be using for the accounting structure. (Choose three.)
A. Future segment
B. Product segment
C. Balancing segment
D. Cost center segment
E. Department segment
F. Management segment
G. Natural account segment
Correct Answer: CDG

Ten analysts are assigned the same Receivables responsibility and are given their own logins.
The requirement is to restrict three of the analysts from creating chargebacks or adjustments.
What would be your advice to ensure compliance with this internal control?
A. Use forms personalization to restrict function access.
B. Set the “AR: Cash – Allow Actions” system profile to no at the responsibility level.
C. Set the “AR: Cash – Allow Actions” system profile to no at the user level for the three analysts.
D. Set the “AR: Cash – Allow Actions” system profile to yes at the user level for the three analysts.
E. Set the “AR: Cash – Allow Actions” system profile to yes at the application level for the three analysts.
Correct Answer: C

You created an invoice with one line item of $100 and a tax of $10. This line item is credited with an applied credit
memo of $50. What is the credit to the tax line?
A. $5
B. $1
C. $10
D. $20
Correct Answer: A

Which two scenarios can be automated with File Transfer Protocol (FTP)? (Choose two.)
A. An administrator needs to bulk update attachments on a multiple Commerce Transactions
B. Every month, an administrator needs to apply changes requested by the marketing department on descriptions for
parts in CPQ Cloud
C. An administrator needs to update Configuration Attribute Value Pricing on a Model and deploy the changes
D. Every night, an administrator queries the inventory database and updates a CPQ Cloud data table with the new
inventory levels
Correct Answer: BD

What are three valid reasons for a Configuration rule failing to execute? (Choose three.)
A. A runtime error occurs within the rule, which is firing before the current rule
B. The status of the rule is set to Inactive
C. The rule\\’s Condition attributes are hidden in Configuration Layout
D. The attributes used in the rule are not added in Configuration Layout
Correct Answer: BCD

Based on default values, which statement is false about automatic FTP (File Transfer Protocol) processing in CPQ
A. You must upload file to the automated folder on the FTP server
B. You must list files in the order in which they should be processed in the upload_list.xml file
C. FTP uploads are processed every 90 minutes
D. You can use the Bulk Data service to extract the file format and upload it via FTP automation
Correct Answer: D

Which two scenarios are valid for looping by using XSL Snippets? (Choose two.)
A. The data needs to be manipulated before, being used in loop conditions
B. The grid selector cannot handle the conditions that you need to implement
C. The data in the line item grid must be displayed as a table
D. You want to display a table of single-select, quote-level Commerce attributes
Correct Answer: AB


What standard functionality would you use to align attribute labels on a configuration screen to that they are evenly
distributed vertically?
A. Add spacers in the Configuration Layout and define spacer height
B. Add read-only text area attributes in the layout with the required dimensions
C. Add HTML attributes and use
D. Use CSS
Correct Answer: C

Using standard functionality, how do you prevent a user from manually adding or removing rows in an
array set?
A. by hiding the control attribute and marking it as a forced set
B. by using CSS to hide icons
C. by hiding the control attribute
D. by selecting the “Disable user override” property on the configurable array set editor page
Correct Answer: C

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