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Useful IBM certifications II 000-741 Dumps Exam Practice Questions And Answers (1-20)

A customer has a mixed iSeries, pSeries, Sun and Windows server environment: Three Exchange servers each with 1.8TB database Five iSeries Domino servers each with 1TB database 10TB Sun/SAP cluster 20TB of pSeries requirement Annual growth rate of 12TB per year Which solution provides them the most cost effective solution for three years?
A.A DS4500 with 300GB drives
B.A DS6800 with 300GB drives
C.A DS8100 with 300GB drives
D.An SVC with DS4100 with 250GB drives, and a DS6800 with 300GB drives
Correct Answers: C

A customer is about to install ten Microsoft Windows servers, three Sun servers, and five AIX servers, all with Fibre Channel interfaces. A reliability requirement is to have two Fibre Channel interfaces in each of the servers. Which of the following is required?
A.IBM Subsystem Device Driver
B.IBM TotalStorage SAN File System
C.IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data
D.IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Disk
Correct Answers: A

A customer has a rapidly expanding data warehouse application installed on an MVS-attached EMC storage system. They are running out of capacity and encountering performance degradation. Before proposing that they migrate to an IBM TotalStorage DS8000 model, which report should be used to identify potential performance bottlenecks?
Correct Answers: B

A customer with a large number of UNIX servers has an IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800 for a 90-day trial. The ESS delivers excellent performance for most of the customer’s tests, but does not meet the customer’s expectations for a critical benchmark that heavily loads a few key volumes on one array. Which of the following changes should the storage specialist suggest to improve performance for this critical benchmark?
A.Add Parallel Access Volumes
B.Add Arrays Across Loops
C.Turn off RAID-5 sparing
D.Turn off cache and NVS
Correct Answers: B

A customer’s IT department now mandates a fast backup and restoration process be in place before an application is deployed. What would be the simplest and most effective option to satisfy this mandatory requirement?
A.Deploy PPRC
B.Implement FlashCopy
C.Install 10TB of additional disk space
D.Consolidate all server disk space with RAID-5
Correct Answers: B

A customer has an IBM TotalStorage DS6800 and an IBM TotalStorage DS8100 at their computing center. They want to install a disaster recovery site 600 kilometers from their center using a DS8300. 000-741 dumps Which of the following IBM Resiliency Family solution offerings should be implemented?
A.Metro Mirror
B.Global Copy
C.Global Mirror
Correct Answers: C

What is the minimum number of FCP/FICON host adapters required for a IBM TotalStorage DS8000 high availability configuration?
Correct Answers: A

A customer has an installed IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) Model 800 with 20TB of storage, 32GB cache and ESCON channels. The customer is beginning to experience throughput performance issues and has no additional ESCON channel expansion ability. To best address these performance considerations, which of the following steps should be suggested?
A.Add a second ESS to allow additional ESCON connections.
B.Convert the installed ESS from ESCON to FICON connections.
C.Increase the cache on the ESS from 32GB to 48GB.
D.Add additional eight-packs to provide more disk arms and increase performance.
Correct Answers: B

An IBM Business Partner is analyzing customer requirements for a disk subsystem. To determine that the IBM TotalStorage DS8000 can operate in the customer’s current host environment, what is the best source of information for the storage specialist to use?
C.Offline Configuration Tool
D.The IBM TotalStorage Web Site
Correct Answers: D

A long-term IBM disk customer would like to compare the DS8000 product family to the Hitachi Data Systems TagmaStore. Which IBM storage products compare most favorably?
A.DS8300 and SAN Volume Controller
B.DS8000 and Tivoli Storage Manager
C.DS8000 and IBM TotalStorage 3584 Tape Library
D.DS8100 and IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Disk
Correct Answers: A

A customer recently implemented a data warehousing application. What disk subsystem attribute is most important for this type of application?
A.Read performance and scalability
B.Large cache capability
C.Remote copy function
D.Block and file input/output capability
Correct Answers: A

A storage specialist is proposing an IBM TotalStorage DS6800 to replace a five-year old disk system. Which of the following would provide an effective cost justification for migration to DS6800?
A.Centralized management
B.Multi-platform attach capability
C.Four year warranty
D.FlashCopy feature
Correct Answers: C

A customer has an existing IBM TotalStorage DS8100 Storage Server with 12 Megapacks of 73GB disks and 16 ESCON Adapters. How many additional FICON adapters and Megapacks can be installed in the expansion frame?
A.0 adapters and 12 Megapacks
B.4 adapters and 16 Megapacks
C.8 adapters and 4 Megapacks
D.16 adapters and 8 Megapacks
Correct Answers: A

A customer’s database application failed during a recent maintenance window. When the IBM TotalStorage DS6800 controller automatically rebooted, the database became inconsistent and failed. After the database was made consistent, the customer asked the storage specialist to recommend a method to test path failover on a test server. Which of the following would be the first step of the implementation plan?
A.Install Redundant Dual Active Controllers (RDAC)
B.Install Subsystem Device Driver (SDD)
C.Unblock the switch port
D.Monitor the database application
Correct Answers: B

A customer has recently installed an IBM TotalStorage DS8100 in their production environment.
They have 5TB of capacity assigned to an IBM eServer zSeries host and 5TB of capacity assigned to pSeries servers. The customer would like to make point-in-time copies for 2TB of zSeries storage and 2TB of pSeries storage. What is the correct licensing option to recommend?
Correct Answers: D

Which of the following is the most important action to ensure customer satisfaction when performing the implementation of an IBM SAN fabric with two IBM TotalStorage DS8300 units?
A.Develop clear objectives that map to expectations.
B.Complete a Solutions Assurance Review.
C.Ensure that power and space are available in the Data Center.
D.Get the customer to sign a completion form.
Correct Answers: A

A company acquired two other companies and is consolidating their order entry application systems into an existing common disk storage pool on a single SAN fabric. 000-741 dumps During the consolidation, half of the users of one of the order entry systems could not access their application. The users who had access experienced slow performance. What is the first action the engineer should take to determine the source of the problem?
A.Review SAN configuration, connectivity and zoning.
B.Review application parameters for contention or tuning problems.
C.Use internal disk monitoring tools to determine the problems source.
D.Call the SAN and disk vendors to perform a healthcheck on their hardware.
Correct Answers: A

A customer has an IBM Enterprise Storage Server Model 800 with 10 eight-packs formatted as Fixed Block volumes. There is not enough unused space on the RAID ranks to act as FlashCopy targets for the existing LUNs. Which of the following should the storage specialist propose to enable the customer to shorten their backup window?
A.Add FlashCopy Version 1 and use the full copy option
B.Add FlashCopy Version 2 and additional capacity
C.Add FlashCopy Version 1 and use NOCOPY option
D.Add FlashCopy Version 2 and use incremental FlashCopy
Correct Answers: B

During a review of environmental requirements before ordering an IBM z890 server and IBM TotalStorage DS8300, the customer states that the available power is 220 volts AC. Which feature should be included with the DS8300 order?
A.Low voltage
B.High Voltage
C.Remote zSeries Power Control
D.Remote force power off switch
Correct Answers: A

An IBM TotalStorage DS6800 is being shipped to the customer. Who should set up the logical configuration?
A.The IBM Field Technical Sales Specialist
B.The customer’s system administrator
C.The IBM Support Service Representative
D.The customer’s operations manager
Correct Answers: B

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