Cisco will be able to reduce even more digital risk

Cisco is credited with having established various different certification systems. Each of those certifications is for a specific area of IT expertise. Certifications such as these help establish the knowledge credentials of an IT professionals. Cisco Systems reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit. Cisco’s (NASDAQ: CSCO) earnings announcement shows a company that is slowing reinventing itself.
Cisco faces the same problems that Microsoft and IBM does. In different ways, these technology companies are limited to hardware sales. Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. Our people, products, and partners help society securely connect and seize tomorrow’s digital opportunity today. Microsoft needed a hardware purchase (or upgrade) to sell its operating system version, while IBM and Cisco provided the core processing, storage and networking hardware needed for computing.

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Cisco has found there are now 19.7 billion cyber threats per day. Figures from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office also show the number of retailers who have had data breaches has doubled in just one year. This means that as retailers accumulate more shopper data, more personal information is at risk to become compromised. In 2015-2016, 19 breaches caused the loss of client data—this rose to a whopping 38 breaches in the 2016-2017 timeframe.
Senior Director of Threat Intelligence at Cisco Matt Watchinski tells CNBC that threats definitely increase during the holiday season. Knowing that breaches have gained over the last year, here’s some tips to keep your personal information safe:
1.Avoid sketchy emails
Don’t click on anything (including texts) that sound too good to be true. Check their website instead.
2.Update your passphrases
Passwords, operating systems, browsers, apps, and more—it’s always good to keep them fresh.
3.Vary your security questions (and answers)
Keep your security questions varied, creative, and hard to guess. Answers shouldn’t be easy to find through public search.
4.Don’t save credit card info
Keeping this information in browsers, retailers, and public spaces is a great risk. Watchinski also recommends visiting your credit card’s website to get a one-time credit card code.

To help with the fight against cybersecurity crime, Cisco has recently partnered with INTERPOL (International Police Organization) to share threat intelligence as a joint effort against cybercrime. The aim is for both organizations to develop a focused approach to share data. This will help quickly pinpoint threats around the world.
Cisco’s already-broad security portfolio helps retailers and beyond to find a threat, and stop it everywhere. With the alliance with INTERPOL, Cisco will be able to reduce even more digital risk.

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins summed up the results by saying, “Our strategy is working.” Look for a continued shift to services and software as Cisco recently announced its intentions to purchase BroadSoft, a cloud-based collaboration provider, to expand its capabilities. Cisco’s big opportunities are to continue to wisely acquire fast-growing companies to expand its cloud-based presence and to continue to offer network infrastructure solutions to the nascent Internet of Things.